Unilever’s Foundry50 Brings Best of Startup Bounty to Cannes

Effort Overall Has Vetted 3,000 Contenders in Marketing, Research, Data

Marketers have tapped the vast universe of startups in many ways, but Unilever’s year-old Foundry program may be the most comprehensive and systematic effort yet, as the company has vetted 3,000 startups in marketing, research and data science in its first year.

Another major piece of that effort unfolds June 25-26 during the Innovation Lions, a “festival within a festival” during the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Unilever will introduce its Foundry50, which it deems the world’s top 50 marketing-tech startups, to the assembled masses of agency and marketer delegates. Many will have a chance to meet the 50 through prescheduled pitches and speed-dating sessions. At press time, a few slots for agencies and their clients remained.

Unilever drew 300 entries for the Foundry50 in March and April, said Jeremy Basset, global marketing ventures director, who leads the effort. Mr. Basset has been working on the Foundry from its inception, in May 2014, under former Senior VP-Marketing Marc Mathieu, who left for a marketing post at Samsung earlier this month. He has been replaced on the Cannes speaker roster by Luis Di Como, Unilever senior-VP global media.

The Foundry isn’t just a contest, nor is it an incubator or accelerator, though it works with some, such as Collider in the U.K. Nor is it a venture-capital fund, though Unilever has one of those too. It’s really more of a conduit linking Unilever brands with startups, and now through Foundry50, also making the fruits of its efforts available to the broader marketing world.

“The reality is that the more the marketing industry can get behind startups, pilot with them, partner with them and help them scale, the faster not only will Unilever be able to invent the future, but so will the industry,” Mr. Basset said. “It’s good for the industry. It’s good for us as marketers.” The Foundry may just have the world’s most exhaustive database of marketing-tech startups, at least outside the email archives of ad-tech reporters. Even before the Foundry50, Unilever already had been contacted by thousands of startups thanks to prior work vetting them for pilot projects or waves of entries from previous contests, Mr. Basset said.

“It’s not purely about improving our database,” Mr. Basset said of the contests. “It’s really about genuinely giving startups a platform to scale up not only with Unilever but also with the industry. We want to inspire more startups in this area, get behind them and help them.”

Foundry50 is by far Unilever’s biggest such effort to date, he said. “With the number of startups participating and the number of industry representatives, I think it’s unprecedented for us but also for the industry.”

Unilever’s right to play in the area comes from being the world’s second-largest advertiser (behind Procter & Gamble Co.), with 7,000 marketers who can bring expertise to startups, of which 300 have been designated as “mentors” for startups, he said.

“And then we’ve got a healthy balance sheet,” he said, and Unilever Ventures, a venture-capital arm that also can make investments. While most of the portfolio of Unilever Ventures, launched in 2002, has been in product-related brands or technology, it has had some marketing-tech investments over the years, including mobile ad-tech firm Brandtone, online-recipe platform Yummly, and U.K. market-research firm Brainjuicer, which went public in 2006. Having heard from 3,000 startups, “We’ve said no a lot more than we’ve said yes,” Mr. Basset said. “But we’ve said yes to over 60 of the companies. We’re actively piloting with 60, and on 28 of those occasions we’ve already said yes to working with them a second or third time.”

With so much real work having been spawned in a year, he said, “It’s safe to say this is not a PR stunt or interesting competition. It’s really putting startups at the heart of how we do innovation.”

Company Country What They Do
Adcash Limited United Kingdom Makes phone lock screen into personalized story app.
Adludio United Kingdom Data science to target mobile ads
Ahalogy USA Content, strategy and analytics for Pinterest
Chute USA Discovery and amplification of fan photos.
Culture Machine Singapore, India, USA Digital video creation, technology and targeting
Digital Genius UK & USA Systems for automated customer conversations. USA On-demand virtual focus groups for marketers
function USA Customized messaging
Graymatics USA Multimedia analytics
Knotch USA Branded content analytics
LivingLens United Kingdom Captures and analyzes video content for research.
Locomizer United Kingdom Geo-behavioral mobile ad targeting
Mattr USA Analyzes social-media personality types.
Miappi United Kingdom Amplifies social-media reach of content
Mobile Metrix Brazil & USA Using mobile technology to count the uncounted
Motion Portrait Japan 3D face modeling for virtual try-out apps, etc.
Neurensics Netherlands Neuro-economic research for marketing
NewAer, Inc. USA Proximity advertising without beacons
Novalia United Kingdom Conductive stickers that add sound to displays
Olapic USA Uses consumer content to improve digital ads
Ozonetel India Consumer Marketing & Payment
Pixoneye United Kingdom Real-time personalization on mobile devices
Placed USA Insight, targeting and analytics for mobile ads
Playmob United Kingdom Connecting gaming and fundraising
Powr of You United Kingdom Profiles consumers across devices, networks
Preceptiv United Kingdom Analyzes consumer segments by musical tastes
Quill United Kingdom Content development and marketing
RainCheck Australia App tells you when you enter store of items you found online.
Real Life Analytics United Kingdom Detects demographic data in-store for ad targeting
Realeyes United Kingdom Measures emotions with webcames, facial coding
Reelio, Inc. USA Finds best YouTube influencers for brands
Relative Insight United Kingdom Language analytics for market research
Rock Labs Ltd United Kingdom Content creation and analytics
ScreenCloud United Kingdom Open source platform for connected screens
Seenit United Kingdom Content collaboration platform
Shareablee USA Analyzes consumer engagement with brand content
Shopperception Argentina (now in USA) Analyzes consumer behavior at shelf
Snaps USA Branded keyboards and other text-marketing tools
Sqreem Singapore Behavioral analytics on cities, regions etc.
Stashmetrics United Kingdom Social media analytics
SyncSpot United Kingdom Content to drive traffic for retailers, brands
TouchCast USA New medium that looks like video, feels like web
Traction USA Connects brands with top digital-marketing experts
Tuluntulu South Africa App for watching TV anywhere
TVadSync Ireland Lets advertisers synch short-bursts of online media with TV ads
Upworthy USA Curates the web for meaningful content to share
Vidsy United Kingdom Links brands with video creators and entertainers
WeDemand! USA Crowdsourcing app to influence where bands tour
WIREWAX United Kingdom Video creation and editing tool
ZappiStore United Kingdom Rapid market-research tests
Little Bird (Scaleup Winner Guest) USA Measures impact of influencers in socia media
Glimr (Scaleup Winner Guest) United Kingdom Uses beacons to fuse online and in-store marketing

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