Openpay Channels Offline Footprint to Increase Conversions

Openpay has teamed up with Raincheck to create a new app developed to increase conversion rates. Consumers can now save items online into a “wishlist”, and be notified when passing a bricks and mortar store location.

FinTech payments company Openpay has announced a partnership with RainCheck, to enhance the online shopping experience further. A new Australian platform has been developed to enhance the online shopping experience by creating a social “wishlist” of relevant products, and providing multiple payment options.

Cameron Wall, CEO and co-founder of RainCheck, has seen the significant impact ‘buy now, pay later’ is having in retail. Following a meeting with Simon Scalzo, CEO of Openpay at the NRF’s Big Show in New York last month, the pair brainstormed over their foundations, and decided to integrate their technologies to build a new omnichannel platform via an app.

“By integrating with the RainCheck app, shoppers are able to buy from multiple retailers and brands in the one checkout with Openpay. It represents is an effective way to assist retailers in driving sales, reaching a highly diverse and dispersed audience,” says Scalzo.

Combining both companies’ ability to link traditional and online retail, the integration of the two omnichannel platforms could simplify the challenge of helping customers shop smarter and seamlessly, from browsing right through to purchase.

“While RainCheck initially existed to transcend the digital and physical worlds, we’re now supporting pureplays by taking their product feed into the RainCheck platform to sell directly through the app,” says Wall.

When you consider three out of four shopping carts are abandoned in Australia, retailers need to need to utilise tools that get the customers’ conversion online.

“By adding our RainCheck star button, so users can RainCheck items off our retailers websites, we help capture the three in four abandoned online shopping carts to convert the sale at a later date.”

RainCheck is an online to offline retail platform that bridges the gap between online browsing into offline shopping and purchase. Consumers now have the ability to save items online into a “wishlist”, and be notified when passing a bricks and mortar store location.

Technology and data are central for both Openpay and RainCheck, providing retailers with access to never before seen retail analytics through its integrated apps, including the ability to understand customer behaviour.

“With plug-in platforms like these, online retailers are able to flex and react at speed when interventions are required, with a tailored solution based on what customers are responding to,”  Scalzo.

This partnership continues to build on the groups significant in-store abilities to drive a new level of interaction with the customer in-store via Openpay’s unique beacon technology and RainCheck’s ability to build customer awareness of stock researched online and available in-store as the customer walks past the store.

“We chose to partner with Openpay because they understand the significance of bringing technology to the retail landscape and have an app that facilitates that journey.”

“In-store is still a major priority, and using mobile technologies is central to modernising our in-store solution to seamlessly implement purchase opportunities into our users’ everyday activities, when inspiration, intention and proximity collide,” says Scalzo.

Openpay is the only ‘buy now, pay later’ app born in-store. Openpay’s technology has evolved over four years to deliver a seamless in-store and online payment solution across many lifestyle industries, with a significant retail footprint in thousands of stores nationally.

About Openpay

Openpay is an online, in-store and in-home payments solution that allows consumers to buy now and pay later, interest free. The technology framework has been developed over four years and has proven to be successful under the Jam Payments, Evoke AutoPay and other white label brands. This year, led by its newly formed board and advisory committee, it has been consolidated into one group and a one single brand and new app platform – Openpay.