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The future of retail
 is now personal. 

RainCheck unites online shoppers with offline purchases, generating an on-demand shopping experience.  

RainCheck aims to deliver solutions on the online shopping problem; majority of people are now browsing products online, but only few close the purchase. 

Co-Founder and CEO Cameron Wall says, ‘We found that there was a lot of people obviously saving items into their list. I think the average basket size from online was about just over a hundred dollars but the average basket size in store was probably 2.5 times the size of that.’

With 90 percent of people researching new products online, 90 percent of purchases continue to take place in offline in-store. 

The company has built, designed and launched its RainCheck app which facilitates people to use their mobile device to choose a brand, save preferred items in a shopping cart to a ‘wishlist’, where users then receive notifications when a product is available in nearby stores. 

Cameron Wall states, ‘Raincheck is transcending online to offline so it’s a layer that plays that whole ecosystem.’

As we are living in an online world, people are taking on a multichannel approach when shopping, hence much more focus should be pointed to transforming the online shopping to in-store purchasing.

‘I think there’s a big opportunity for everyone’s discovering things online. But let’s try and work out what store they went into when they went there whether we converted them and if they actually bought the item. I think that’s more important for brands to understand that’, says Cameron Wall. 

Digital devices have a significant influence on in-store sales according to GeoMarketing, Mobile phones will influence $1.4 trillion in offline sales within the next 5 years. 

The sales that Mobile influenced in 2016 account for over one-third of total retail in online and offline sales. (GeoMarketing)

Retail has shifted to using technology to close the sales to an extent that it is both contextual and consistent. RainCheck creates relationships with consumers and assists in determining the sale and retail journey, making it personal. 

RainCheck transcends the future for retailers to establish balance of power, measure the online to offline conversion of sales and target online users that ensue in-store activity and purchases. 

‘Our original mission is transcending the online and offline worlds and that’s what we’re focused on and everything that happens around that’, says Cameron Wall.

RainCheck is a digital channel that transforms the digital and physical systems of retail shopping. For the consumers, there is the opportunity to obtain both an online shopping request and an in-store experience.



As the data shows, about 85% of people prefer browsing online, but make a purchase in-store. People are afraid of bad material quality or that the thing may not fit. While just viewing goods, users are not particularly eager to click on “Buy” and purchase them online. Thus appeared a gap which the whole eCommerce is stuck in. It is RainCheck that can fulfill this loophole. So, let’s look deeper what RainCheck is and what use it can bring for customers and sellers.

What is RainCheck?

RainCheck is an O2O Commerce Platform aiming at transcending the online and offline worlds. This platform is based on DLT, or in other words, blockchain, while the other instances run on the AWS Cloud Environment. The RainCheck platform allows sellers to track online product discovery to in-store sale. This platform doesn’t use Ethereum network, like many other do, it will be built using Stellar Network that works for non-complex applications through simple smart contracts. It means that all the transactions will be recorded forever in the Stellar Consensus Protocol. SCP has some safety properties that optimize for safety over liveness, it pauses the progress of the network until consensus can be reached. SCP simultaneously enjoys four key properties: asymptotic security, decentralized control, flexible trust, and low latency. This makes the RainCheck platform unique. Furthermore, the platform has already won several awards, including the Visa Everywhere Initiative and the Accenture Consumer Tech Award in Singapore.

What are the main advantages of RainCheck?

By using this platform, users obtain the most updated information about the product presented at the right time and place, so that it will narrow the gap between online and offline shopping. All the products discovered online can be saved, moreover, the user will get notified information about the time when the product is available in nearby stores.

The platform also includes such positive aspects as:

  • gulping the product information data including stock levels from different eCommerce platforms such as Neto, Magento,  Demandware, Shopify;
  • accumulating the data of the product for the customer;
  • allowing users to save a product item into the Cloud;
  • involving backend integration to payment scheme API’s, PSP’s and banks;
  • using Geo-fencing technology;
  • analyzing hundreds of data points;
  • offering a card-linking capability to users of debit and credit cards. The platform works closely with payment card schemes such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, along with Payment service Providers (PSP).

Every party will benefit from this platform. For example,

  1. Shoppers – The user will be rewarded with reward points or even cash-back if the purchase is performed either online or offline.
  2. Retail brands – The data analysis function can measure digital marketing attribution to a landing page or website so that the sellers can find out all the information. The platform can track that sale all the way from the digital marketing call-to-action (CTA).
  3. Payment Service Providers (PSP) – They can set fees and/or make a commision from successful online payments, they are also in a good position to capture offline transactions.

ICO details

The ICO starts on November 5 and will last for 1 month till December 5. The RAIN Token is based on Stellar and costs $0.04. The soft cap is marked at  6,000,000 USD, while the hard cap is 28,000,000 USD. The total supply of RAIN Tokens is 2,000,000,000. The distribution pool accounts for 35% of tokens. The RAIN Token sale will be conducted through OST KYC.

If you want to find out more details on this project, please, visit the official website.

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